With 30% of all Health products in Kenya being fake. We have declared our stand to fight this war to an utmost zero counterfeit trade market. Stepping up your healthcare straight to your doorstep? We believe in; Increased access to safe health products and increased access to certified medical consultancy. We at Uthabiti are dedicated to creating a sustainable community development through healthy living and well-being by giving access to reliable medical consultancy and delivery of safe health products to the crowded urban spaces population. Uthabiti creates a one-stop point for patients where they can log into our mobile app and consult a registered and certified medical doctor on their illness. The doctor goes ahead and attaches a medical prescription, sick notes or referrals to the patient’s cart. The patient further has an option of logging into the “find a pharmacy” portal where we create an online market for pharmacies registered by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya. Patients access information on the product of their wish, which nearby store has it and at how much through our mobile app. They place an order and we deliver. Think of this as an online hospital. Patients are free to order health products which necessarily do not need doctor’s prescription straight from the pharmacy portal without logging into the doctor’s portal

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